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 Right now there is a Visionary Art revival throughout the world.  This exhibition is the first of its kind to take a serious look at this important art movement. Circumstances that existed in the 1960’s and 1970’s are now mirrored in the present by an unpopular war, the government’s questionable honesty, civil rights issues, and a divided society breeding a counterculture.  Two very large demographic groups fuel this revival.  First the younger generation which is rediscovering the 60’s ideals, philosophies, and social activism, and wants to experience the 60’s: and second the older generation, wishing to revisit “Peace and Love”, and the art that was part of that period’s ideals.   Together they result in a huge demographic accessible to any fine art museum.

This becomes an opportunity for the museum to become part of the larger community that they do not normally reach, and a mechanism to attract this larger demographic to participate in the museums events.

Evidence of the revival, and the art worlds participation in it, includes recent events relating to the international interest in Visionary Art:

The Exhibition du Fantastique au Visionnaire (Venice 1994, Maurizio Albarelli)
Founding of Zentrum der Phantastischen Kunste (www. 1966
Der Faden der Ariadne (Mussbach 1998 Otfried Culmann)
100 Sacred Visions (Payerbach 2000, Rubinov-Jacobson)
Art of the Imagination (London 2000, Brigid Marlon)
Fantastic Art (Australia 2001, Damian Micheals)
Parfum de femme (Paris 2002, Claude Cussac)
Centre international de L’Art fantastique permanent in the Chateau            de Gruyeres
Societe des Arts Fantastique, de l’Imaginarie et du Rev
 Galerie Morpheus (James Cowan)
Art Visionary Magazine (Damian Micheals)
Juxtapoz Magazine
The Fantastic Art Centre (Christian de Boeck)
Galerie Sublimatio (
Surreal and Visionary Art Forum
Visionary Revue
LILA-Journal of Shamanism, Visionary Art & The Transpersonal
Television’s NOVA broadcast a four hour special on the history of the 60’s and its cultural effect on the world.

Success of the “Summer of Love: Art of the Psychedelic Era” art show which is touring the world.
Created by Christof Grunenburg at the Tate Museum England, the show had the 2nd largest attendance in the museums’s history.

At the Kunsthalle Wien, in Vienna Austria, the show was attended by over 72,000 people, was extended an extra two (2) months, and had to turn people away daily as attendance exceeded the museums limit.

At the Shirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt Germany, the show had the 3rd largest attendance in the museum’s history.

The group show entitled “Curious Crystals of Unusual Purity”, appeared at New York’s Contemporary Art Center.
The art show “Hypnogoogia” at New York’s Deitch Projects Gallery.
The popularity of the Deitch Project’s neo-psychedelic catalogue “Live Through This, New York in the year 2005”.
The success of the Whitney Museum’s 2002 biennial, featuring two young psychedelic artists, Drain and Peterson.

 The psychedelic art show “Ecstasy: In and About Altered States” at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles.

 The magazine article in Art News February 2006 edition, citing the “Psychedelic Esthetic” in the top 10 trends in contemporary art.

 The opening of the “Summer of Love: Art of the Psychedelic Era” at New York’s Whitney Museum in May of 2007.

 The openings of the “Sacred Art” show at the Pompidou Center in Paris in October 2007, chosen to celebrate the centers 30th Anniversary.

 First International Visionary Art Show, Montreal Canada, May 9, 2009

 Contemporary Visionary Art in the 21st Century, Tokyo, Japan, Dec 2010

Visionary Art Museum, Baltimore, Md.

World Wide Web Galleries:

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The formation of the Visionary Art Show with a retrospective including 25 of the world’s leading visionary masters.